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The CMS Difference

Research-Driven Results

The heart of everything we do is research. We dig deep using secondary research tools combined with market research methods typically only available to large media companies—without the hefty price tag. Our comprehensive approach allows us to discover details, make connections, and identify opportunities that others might miss, so that we can make the best recommendations for you.

High-Level Analysis

Simply having a lot of data isn’t enough—it’s what we do with it that matters. That’s why our thorough research drives sophisticated, in-depth analysis and planning. We slice and dice the data every way we can in order to provide the guidance you need to make to right decisions for your business.

Smart Targeting

Our in-depth analytics allow you to target your marketing efforts for optimal results in many business categories and geographies:

We can help you identify the best locations to expand your business. Using a Category Development Index (CDI), we can examine your target geography at a granular level to determine which areas have the strongest per-capita sales potential.

We can help you target specific regions within your current marketing footprint. Using a Brand Development Index (BDI), we can identify existing areas of opportunity to maximize your sales potential.

We can also compare your current share-of-voice (SOV) to your share-of-market (SOM) and develop strategies for increasing both.

Hard-Hitting Strategy and Planning

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your media budget or figure out the resources needed to achieve your media goals, we can help you determine the best strategy for achieving results—what you can do right now and how you can build long-term growth and success.

Reputation & Integrity

Over the years, we’ve established a rock-solid reputation because we treat our clients and vendors well, striving to be fair, honest, and professional at all times. Our emphasis on teamwork has allowed us to build strong relationships throughout the industry—connections that we can leverage to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Media-Wrangling & Bookkeeping

We’ll handle all sales rep meetings, phone calls, and paperwork—saving you time and reducing headaches. All media invoices land on our desks, and we carefully audit each one to make sure you get everything you paid for. We also review all media vendor proposals and opportunities, then make recommendations based on what’s best for you and your marketing goals.

Your Sounding Board

In everything we do, we want to help position your business in the best possible light. Have a question about PR? Need someone to help with online damage control? Just ask. We may not have every answer, but we will always do everything we can to get the answers you need—offering a personal touch you just can’t get from a big media company.

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